A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Youth Programs for Continuing Education - Paradigm Malibu


All residents of Paradigm Malibu are provided with a comprehensive educational assessment within forty-eight hours of admission. This provides the clinical team and classroom teacher with important information needed to design an educational program specific to the academic needs of each participant. Frequently youth come to us behind in their academic careers as a result of their emotional difficulties or drug and alcohol use. With the development and implementation of an individualized educational plan, many participants return to their schools having caught up or even passed their peers in their studies.


Youth Programs for Continuing Education Offers On-Site Classrooms

Paradigm Malibu provides an on-site therapeutic classroom for all participants. Our youth programs for continuing education offers adolescents the opportunity to get and/or stay current in their academic studies in a safe, sober environment. Participants are offered opportunities to accelerate their studies so that short and long term academic goals may be met. Read more about the On-Site Classroom Program here.


Individualized Tutoring

The University of California Los Angeles and Pepperdine University provide tutors to work one on one with students in any academic area in which the student is struggling. Tutors strive to make the subject matter fun and interesting. Frequently students begin to look forward to subjects that they once avoided. Read more about Individualized Tutoring Program here.


Psycho-Educational Services

A key component to impacting youth drug and alcohol addiction is the clear, and honest, provision of information. Psycho-Educational sessions are designed to share useful information that is applicable to the lives of youth. Our psycho-educational component is not designed to scare youth straight. Rather, we believe that, given the proper facts and information about what the disease of addiction is, how it begins, how it develops, how it effects individuals biologically, psychologically and emotionally, and how to break free from its grip, youth will begin to see the advantages of making changes in their lives. This internal motivation is a key to achieving and maintaining sobriety. Learn more about the teen Psycho-Educational Services here. Some of the educational session topics include:


Teen Relapse Prevention

This topic, so vital to the recovery process, includes detailed exploration of the most common relapse triggers and ways to avoid them; the multi-stage process of relapse and how to identify relapse red-flags, that often manifest long before the actual relapse occurs. The sessions also include ways of coping with each trigger at each stage in order to prevent re-occurrences of use. Read more about our Teen Relapse Prevention Program here.


Medical Aspects of Addiction and Recovery

Educational sessions are presented to both youth and parents on the physical and medical impact that drugs and alcohol have on the body. All include details of the neurological impact on the brain and body, as well as the most current information from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Read more about what Paradigm Malibu offers in terms of medical aspects of addiction and recovery here.


Family Dynamics and Education

These sessions are designed to evoke awareness of the impact that the disease of addiction has on the entire family dynamic, and how changing that dynamic is an important piece in promoting sobriety and emotional well-being in the entire family. Learn more about family dynamics and education by reading here.


Emotional Management

Learning to identify and communicate different emotional states is often difficult and foreign to people who use drugs and alcohol. The early recovery process must include attention to this aspect of the condition as anger, frustration, shame, guilt, fear and other strong emotions can lead to relapse. Learn more about Teen Emotional Management Program here.