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What Drug Dealers Will Tell Teens to Get Them Hooked

Teens are already vulnerable to drug use. This is the stereotypical stage of life where teens experiment with a variety of experiences, including getting drunk and high. The danger with this, however, is that those who are selling drugs to teens know this. In fact, they not only know that teens are vulnerable, but they also know that teens bend to peer pressure. Those who sell drugs are aware of the fact that teens want to be accepted, escape their painful feelings, and rebel against their parents. This article will address the common things that drug dealers tell teens in order get them using drugs and stay that way.


The truth is that drug dealers want their money. That’s their agenda. Of course, they are going to come across as though befriending a teen. They are going to come across as though they are looking out for an adolescent’s best interest. But this is far from the truth. Instead, drug dealers take advantage of a teen’s insecurity in order to get them hooked on a particular drug.


It’s common for instance for drug dealers to say any of the following to a teen in order to push a drug on them:


  • Cocaine will turn your life into a party.
  • Heroin will take your breath away.
  • Ecstasy will help you get all the girls you want.
  • Crack will take away the depression.
  • Meth will help you fit in.
  • Speed will make you cool.
  • This drug will bring you up when you’re feeling down.
  • Heroin will help you out.
  • If you want to finally have fun, get high on crystal meth.


The truth is that drug dealers’ main focus is taking care of themselves. All they care about is the money. The only thing that they are worried about is how they are going to get the money from you. In fact, they don’t even care whether the drug ruins a teen’s life. What they care about is getting their own needs met.


Some drug dealers have been known to dilute white powder type drugs, such as heroin or cocaine, with other cornstarch or flour in order to spread the drugs thin and make more money. Some drug dealers have also told teens that the drug their selling is one type of drug while they actually give them a more addictive drug in order to keep a teen coming back for more.


If you or someone you know is experimenting with drugs, be wary of those who are trying to sell you something. They are a far cry from being your friend. Although they might seem like they want to help you out, they care only about the money.


In fact, if you are experimenting with drugs, it’s best to get support from someone you trust. A parent, teacher, school counselor, or other adult relative can provide the kind of support you need, especially if you’re turning to drugs as a means for escape. Getting hooked by a drug dealer is likely to lead to big trouble. Instead, get support from someone you trust.


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