What It Is:

At Paradigm Malibu, we’re committed to working with teens from all different backgrounds and experiences, and designing treatment plans that most thorough and precisely dress their needs. Teens come to us at Paradigm Malibu with an array of different needs, symptoms, stories, gifts, and challenges, and complex combinations thereof. For instance, it isn’t uncommon for teens struggling with a mental illness to also be quite gifted. The term Twice Exceptional (sometimes abbreviated as 2e) is a relatively new term that refers to teens who are intellectually gifted and also have a learning difference or mental health condition. The specific conditions the gifted teens have can vary greatly, including things such as Asperger Syndrome, Autism, Teen Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Teen Dyslexia, Teen Tourette Syndrome, Teen Anxiety or Teen Depression. At Paradigm Malibu, we’ve designed a Twice Exceptional Teen Treatment program in order to meet the unique needs of these young people.

What It Looks Like:

One of the challenges of providing effective support to Twice Exceptional Teens is their particular needs and struggles can vary so greatly. In fact, an integral aspect of the struggles Twice Exceptional Teens face is due to their unique combination of strengths and challenges not being clearly understood and therefore, their ultimate needs to not be met. For instance, if teens are intellectually gifted but suffering from Teen Depression or Teen Anxiety, they might be unable to pay attention in class, or maintain the daily organization necessary, in order to excel. In other cases, Dyslexia might be misunderstood as teens not trying or being under-performing. Undiagnosed Asperger Syndrome may be misunderstood as teens being apathetic or having poor attitudes. It’s worth noting that because numerous symptoms can overlap between multiple conditions, it can be difficult, especially in academic settings, to identify what kind of support and assistance may actually help teens to succeed, and therefore, them to essentially be left on their own. As a result, it’s common for Twice Exceptional Teens to experience things such as drastically alternating grades in a subject, an advanced spoken vocabulary but poor writing ability, and show organization and precision in one area but messiness and disarray, in another. This can understandably cause both teens and their parents increasing stress and frustration, as parents grow increasingly more frustrated, and the teens feel misunderstood, discouraged, and even depressed.

Twice Exceptional Teen Treatment:

At Paradigm Malibu, we’re uniquely qualified to provide treatment for Twice Exceptional Teen Treatment which starts with a careful diagnostic interview, which allows us to accurately identify teens’ core needs. Our entire diagnostic and treatment design process is designed to allow us to evaluate and treat each teen individually, including any combination of unique or complex needs which may be present. Within 48 hours of admission to Paradigm Malibu, each teen receives a combination of diagnostic assessments, which allow us to observe all aspects of teens’ current health and well-being. This process is extremely well suited for Twice Exceptional Teens, as this diagnostic process is designed not only to determine teens’ outward symptoms and problematic behaviors, but also their strengths, their interests, and their desires, as well. Moreover, because this diagnostic process is done individually, we’re able to create a program of specific support and treatment that helps to precisely address teens’ current needs. What we find is that for the vast majority of Twice Exceptional Teen Treatment, this kind of individualized approach and care is like nothing else they’ve experienced, and is far more effective and encouraging, as a result. To this end, we strongly believe that by working with Twice Exceptional Teens and their families in this individual capacity, we can provide the teens with the support and guidance they need, and which will allow them to thrive to the fullness of their gifts and capabilities.

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