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Teens: Famous People Have Mental Illnesses Too!

There is a stigma that comes with mental illness, and if you’re a teen, likely the last thing you want your friends to know is that you’re depressed or anxious or manic at times.  But that’s not a reason to avoid or ignore any symptoms you might have.


In fact, if you think you might be depressed or if you believe that you might have another form of mental illness, it’s better to speak to someone you trust. Sure, you might end up ignoring those symptoms because it can be hard to tell anyone, because if your friends found out they might be judgmental. But, the truth is, if mental goes without being properly treated, it can get worse and lead to some harmful circumstances.


Besides, often, you’ll find that your fear is the only thing that’s standing in your way of getting help. But once you get the help you need, you’ll at least have someone on your side who can give you tools to manage your mental illness. If you were to work with a therapist, for example, he or she can teach you some coping tools to help stabilize your mood and keep your thoughts positive. A mental health professional, along with the support of your family, can be a huge support so that you don’t have to go through dealing with a mental illness alone.


But you should know that you’re certainly not alone. Even if for some reason, your family is not available to support you, you should know that there are many others throughout history and who are alive today who have a mental illness too.


The following list are of famous people who have struggled with mental illness. And you can see that they’ve accomplished great things! Buzz Aldrin traveled through space! Emily Dickinson created some of the greatest poetry there is! And Ludwig van Beethoven is humanity’s most renowned composer!


Famous People with Mental Illness

  • Bette Midler – Entertainer and Singer
  • Charles Schultz – Cartoonist, Creator of Charlie Brown
  • Dick Clark – Entertainer, Talk Show Host
  • Irving Berlin – Composer
  • Rosemary Clooney – Singer
  • Burgess Merideth – Actor
  • Peter Tchaikovsky – Composer
  • Charlie Pride – Singer
  • Roseanne Barr – Comedian
  • Marlon Brando – Actor
  • Carrie Fischer – Actress
  • Lional Aldridge – Pro Football Player
  • Buzz Aldrin – Astronaut
  • Margot Kidder – Actress
  • Vaslov Nijinsky – Dancer
  • Ricky Williams – Pro Football Player
  • Eugene O’Neill – Writer, Playwright
  • Abraham Lincoln – United States President
  • Emily Dickinson – Poet
  • Ludwig van Beethoven – Composer
  • Vincent Van Gogh – Artist
  • Sir Isaac Newton – Scientist
  • Ernest Hemingway – Writer
  • Patty Duke – Actress
  • Charles Dickens – Writer
  • Benjamin Franklin – Inventor
  • Virginia Woolf – Writer
  • John Forbes Nash, Jr. – Scientist
  • Leo Tolstoy – Writer
  • Mike Wallace – Journalist


Mental illness doesn’t need to stand in your way of your dreams! And it doesn’t have to be something to hide. Yes, there’s a stigma with mental illness and so you might easily get judged if anyone were to find out about your illness. However, your psychological well being is your private information and you might have the opportunity to live your life as you choose without your friends finding out. What’s most important, however, is getting the help you need. Those in the mental health field are legally and ethically required to keep your information private. But they have all the skills they need to keep you healthy and happy!



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