A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Teen Social Health Therapy & Treatment - Paradigm Malibu

Healthy peer interaction and becoming comfortable with oneself in social situations are important milestones in an adolescent’s development. At Paradigm Treatment, we are committed to providing opportunities for youth participants to build strong skills. All activities are therapeutic in nature, with trained staff guiding youth as they participate in groups, community activities, outings and other events. In our Teen Social Health Therapy Program, the goal is to prepare youth to feel comfortable with themselves in social situations, so that they do not resort to using drugs or alcohol to cope with or relate to others.


Social Skills Curriculum Training

As a didactic training tool, Paradigm Treatment utilizes social skills curriculum designed specifically for youth. Educational and experiential sessions are conducted regularly as part of the treatment program and cover such topics as:

  • Learning How to Receive Criticism
  • Self-Relaxation Techniques
  • Social Problem Solving Skills
  • Drug Refusal Skills
  • How to Disclose Feelings
  • How to Handle Embarrassing Situations
  • Avoiding Fights and Solving Arguments
  • Communication Skills Training
  • How to Draw Clear Boundaries
  • Learning New Reactions to Anger
  • Making Requests and Refusals
  • How to Make Clear Goal Statements

And others…..


All of these topic discussions are designed specifically to address situations and experiences that research has shown to be related to relapse in young people. By preventatively addressing these issues before our youth experience these situations in the real world, we significantly decrease their likelihood of relapse.  Learn more about the Social Skills Curriculum here.


12 Steps Toward Teen Social Health Therapy

One helpful option as we strive toward greater Social Health can be found in the 12 Step community. Paradigm Treatment incorporates the components of the 12 Steps throughout its treatment program. The self-help aspects of the 12 Steps are utilized to assist clients in developing internal motivation for sobriety and to develop new behaviors. Recovery support groups offer the kind of environment that encourages youth to share their experiences, strengths and hope with others. The recovery community can prove invaluable as a support system long after participants have left treatment. Paradigm Treatment also utilizes step work as one component of its curriculum as well as local youth recovery related community meetings, panels and social gatherings. Read more about the 12 Step program through Paradigm here.


Sober-Social Recreational Activities in the Community

Some of the activities that youth participate in at Paradigm Treatment are designed to familiarize participants with new and productive ways to utilize their personal time. These sober activities are conducted both on and off-site and afford youth opportunities to develop new healthy interests and relationship skills to replace their drug use.

Teen Social Health Therapy & Treatment - Paradigm Malibu

These may include (but not limited to):

  • Beach Trips
  • Surfing Lessons
  • Community 12 Step Youth Groups
  • Art Projects
  • Hiking
  • Theater Outings
  • Sporting Events
  • Playing Sports
  • Sober Parties
  • Museum Outings
  • Amusement Parks
  • Horseback Riding
  • Etc.