A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Adolescent Treatment is a time that brings about an abundance of questions, for both teens and their families.  While teens have the challenge of dealing with so many different symptoms, they also often suffer from confusion and stress around not knowing or understanding what’s happening.  It’s common for the confusion and questions surrounding this time to cause significant worry to teens and their families, as they try to navigate this new territory.  In order to help alleviate this stress and provide teens and their families with knowledge about the nature of different Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders, we provide Teen Psycho-Educational Services as one optional resource included in our treatment plans.


We believe one integral aspect of successful adolescent treatment is the clear, and honest, provision of information to both teens and their families. Teen Psycho-Educational Services are designed to share useful information that is applicable to the lives of teens. With relation to teens with Mental Health Disorders, these services help to provide valuable information on a number of different aspects of the disorder.  With relation to Substance Abuse, our psycho-educational component is not designed to scare teens into making changes in their behaviors, but to equip teens with a clear and thorough understanding of the effects and consequences of their substance abuse.  While we don’t believe in scaring teens into making better choices, we do believe that, given the proper facts and information about what the disease of addiction is, how is begins, how is develops, how it affects individuals biologically, psychologically and emotionally, and how to break free from its grip, adolescents begin to see the advantages of making changes in their lives. This internal motivation is a key to achieving and maintaining sobriety. Some of the educational session topics include: Teen Relapse Prevention, Medical Aspects of Addiction and Recovery, Family Dynamics and Education, and Emotional Management.


Generally speaking, our Teen Psycho-Educational Services are a resource for teens and families to learn about the clinical nature of, descriptions of, and symptoms connected with, particular Teen Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse struggles that they’re facing.  While within therapeutic sessions, teens and families address the nature of their symptoms in a more individualistic and specific way, these services serve to educate teens and families about particular disorders.  What we find is that, especially when teens have been recently diagnosed, they can feel overwhelmed with questions and fears about what the diagnosis means, what to expect, and what options they have.  Psycho-Educational Services are a resource designed to help alleviate any additional or unnecessary stress teens and families are experiencing, due to their lack of knowledge about a certain disorder.


Some of the types of information that may be provided during these services include things like how clinical depression comes about, how long it tends to last, and what sorts of physical symptoms can be associated.  Other topics that therapists might go over with families include things like how Teen Anxiety Disorders may have begun, what sorts of things aggravate or alleviate the symptoms, and what treatment options are available, long term.  When teens are diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, they can learn about the cycles of the disorder, the brain chemicals that are affected, and how medication works to help alleviate symptoms from these cyclical phases.  Regardless of what diagnosis a teen may have, the great thing about our Psycho-Educational Services is that teens and their families have a designated time to ask questions and gain information from our team members, to make sure that they feel knowledgeable and equipped for the process they’re going through.