A-Z Teen Health Glossary

At Paradigm Malibu, we are committed to fostering the biological healing process from the first day of treatment.  Some aspects of our Teen Physical Health Therapy Program are as follows:


Medical Evaluation

Medical Evaluation for Teen Physical Health Therapy - Paradigm Malibu

Each teen entering treatment at Paradigm Treatment receives a medical evaluation in order to obtain baseline measures of their physical functioning, and overall level of systemic health.

A preponderance of evidence suggests that physical health, and emotional health, are fundamentally linked. Adolescents living with emotional health issues are at greater risk of experiencing a wide range of physical health problems. The reverse relationship is also true. Teens living with physical health issues experience depression, anxiety, and other emotional health complications, at more than twice the rate of those with no physical health concerns.  In less common cases, emotional and behavioral health can even be adversely impacted by physical health issues of which young people and their families are unaware. Learn more about the Medical Evaluation here.

For these reasons, all treatment plans are created with physical health as a primary consideration.


Nutritional EvaluationProviding Nutritional Evaluation - Paradigm Malibu

As part of our Teen Physical Therapy Program, every adolescent at Paradigm Treatment receives a nutritional evaluation so that individual, specific, nutritional needs may be met throughout their treatment stay and beyond.

The medical community has long understood the link between good nutrition and optimal physical health.  An emergence of new research however, demonstrates clearly what we have long suspected to be true; there are direct links between an adolescent’s diet and their emotional and behavioral health. In fact, there is ample evidence to suggest that diet can be used to effectively reduce drug cravings, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, ADD/ADHD and other disorders.

One of our goals at Paradigm Treatment is to assist young people in making informed choices related to nutrition so that they may ultimately incorporate healthful, intuitive eating in to their lives. Learn more here.




Neurofeedback Therapy Program - Paradigm Malibu

Each teen’s neurological functioning is assessed at the beginning of treatment, as is the impact of external stressors. Neurofeedback sessions are scheduled relative to the results of these assessments for those adolescents who wish to participate.

Neurofeedback, also known as EEG Bio Feedback is a painless, non-invasive, evidence based treatment. It’s purpose is to allow each participant to gain information about his or her own brainwave activity and to ultimately modify that activity to improve attention, reduce impulsivity and positively impact a wide range of issues including; drug addiction, eating disorders, ADHD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and other challenges. Learn more about the teen neurofeedback treatment by reading here.



Acupuncture Therapy for Teen Physical Health - Paradigm MalibuAcupuncture

Research has shown that regular acupuncture sessions positively impact the long term outcomes for teens being treated for emotional health issues as well as drug and alcohol addictions.

Reports by the National Drug Court Office suggest that the use of acupuncture decreases the likelihood of an adolescent relapsing by 33%. Likewise, acupuncture is helpful in the treatment of emotional health issues as it directly impacts brain chemistry, increases the production of endorphins, and produces a calming effect

We therefore utilize this safe and effective treatment, for those who choose to take advantage of it. Because some young people don’t like needles, we do offer both traditional and needle free treatment options. Participation is encouraged, but always voluntary. Learn more here!



Integrative Yoga for Teen Physical Health Therapy

Teen Physical Health Therapy Program - Paradigm Malibu

The practice of yoga helps adolescents develop physical health, coupled with an internal awareness, that assists in the therapeutic process of recovery. Integrative Yoga Therapy, or IYT, specifically aids in the treatment of teen drug addiction, and emotional health difficulties such as anxiety and depression. Studies suggest that IYT also enhances memory and learning, improving overall school performance.

In addition, a recent report from Harvard Medical School cites evidence that yoga not only improves mood and function, but that it can expressly enhance efforts to effectively treat PTSD and trauma. Learn more here.



Recreational Therapy

Recreational Physical Health Therapy - Paradigm Malibu

All teen participants are given opportunities to participate in recreational therapy to strengthen their bodies while participating in fun, sober, physical activities. These activities range from hiking to Escondido Falls to Sober Surfing Lessons or a bike ride on the beach. Paradigm recognizes that all adolescents come to us with different interests, physical abilities, and limitations. These differences are always treated with respect, and given full consideration. The goal of our Teen Physical Health Therapy is to help young people find pleasure, and purpose, in constructive physical activities for the enhancement of physical and emotional health. Learn more here!