A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Teen Insight Oriented Therapy is a form of therapy designed around the premise that gaining insight into one self (including thoughts, beliefs, fears, desires, and feelings) can provide excellent opportunity for emotional and mental healing, as well as gaining relief from negative symptoms.  This form of therapy is similar to Teen Psycho-Dynamic Therapy, and was developed from Freud’s psychoanalysis, one of the very first forms of therapy.

The basis of Freud’s therapy is still predominantly the foundation for this one, which is that teens’ behaviors and psychiatric symptoms are at least partially related to childhood experiences, and the unresolved issues and/or conflicts that were experienced within this time.  Such tensions, struggles, or issues – even if the teens aren’t dealing with them consciously- are thought to manifest in the teens’ experience and outward behaviors, thus causing their current distresses and challenges.  Therefore, in order to address teens’ current feelings and behaviors, they must address these underlying unconscious conflicts.

What is Teen Insight Oriented Therapy?

In many ways, a Teen Insight Oriented Therapy session looks a lot like a tradition talk-therapy session, in that the time will be driven largely by a conversation in which the teens are encouraged to speak freely about whatever comes to mind.  The therapists will ask questions, at times, while taking notice of patterns of recurring conflicts of which the teens may be unaware.  By asking questions about such things, the teens become conscious of the conflicts and can then begin evaluating and addressing them in a more intentional manner.

In some instances, the therapist and the teens may agree that there will be a specific focus to their work together, especially in cases where the central conflict and/or struggle has already been identified (such as a Substance Abuse issue or an Eating Disorder.)  In these cases, the conversation will be more concentrated toward and kept on track with, the decided-upon focus of therapy.

Is It Successful?

Teen Insight Oriented Therapy has been shown to be a very successful methodology in treating a number of different Mental Health and Substance Abuse conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Teen Eating Disorders
  • Teen Anxiety
  • Teen Substance Abuse
  • Teen Depression
  • Other Teen Mood Disorders

Because the nature of Teen Insight Oriented Therapy is to help teens get to the deeper levels of their experience, and to discover why certain feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are in place, the therapy offers an excellent opportunity for teens to do thorough therapeutic work in their sessions, rather than simply concentrating on the alleviation of symptoms.  Along these lines, the “success rates” for this type of therapy are high and also long-lasting, largely because of the thorough addressing of needs, as well as therapeutic work, that is done.

Why Choose Paradigm?

It’s worth noting that because of the intensive and introspective nature of Teen Insight Oriented Therapy, the quality and “success” of the therapy is largely dependent upon the ability of the therapist to be sensitive, intentional, consistent, and aware, as the teens delve into issues and conflicts which they’ve not consciously dealt with.  To put it simply: to have good Insight Oriented Therapy takes a good therapist.  The journey inward, especially to the unknown territories of the unconscious or subconscious thoughts that are connected to memories and/or past experiences, while having the potential to be extremely healing, and can also be extremely intimidating and even scary.  Our staff of therapists at Paradigm are the most professional, top-notch therapists around, dedicated to working with adolescents, and helping them to gain insight in a careful, considerate way, and then using this insight to experience healing.