What Is Teen Histrionic Personality Disorder?


Those who need Teen Histrionic Personality Disorder Treatment are extremely concerned with attracting the attention of others, and so dress and behave in ways to draw attention to themselves.  It’s from the attention and approval of others that they gain their sense of self-worth.


Teen Histrionic Personality Disorder Treatment | Paradigm Malibu


What It Looks Like


The incessant need for attention and approval from others manifests itself in different ways in different adolescents.  However, some of the common symptoms and attributes that teens with the illness display include, but are not limited to:


  • Irritability and sensitivity when not noticed by others
  • Extremely emotional about their appearance
  • Moodiness
  • Obsessive about any flaws in their appearance
  • Inability to handle disapproval from others
  • Appearing fake or insincere in interaction with others
  • Tendency to quit things early or lose interest in activities
  • Tendency toward impulsive, risky behaviors, in efforts to gain approval and attention from others


Because adolescents with the illness are so insistent upon the approval from others, this often leads to conflict and tension within relationships.


Teen Histrionic Personality Disorder Treatment


Teen Histrionic Personality Disorder treatment addresses the mental, physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects associated with the illness. Through talk therapy, therapists help teens to recognize the attributes of their illness, underlying false beliefs and/or need for the approval of others, and the behaviors and habits that arise as a result.


As teens begin to make progress in addressing their underlying insecurities, they can also work on changing their behaviors, while implementing healthy activities and habits to engage in, as well as alternative ways to deal with stress. Addressing the illness holistically allows for complete and lasting recovery, where teens can find relief from the compulsive nature of their illness, and instead, feel in control over their actions.




What if I want other people’s approval but don’t think this is a bad thing?


It’s normal to want to be acknowledged and appreciated by others, but it becomes unhealthy if you’re desire for others’ attention is what motivates you to make your decisions.  When this is the case, it puts you at risk for not being thoughtful or careful with your actions, but instead, willing to do anything, if it gets you noticed.  This is a dangerous way to live, and furthermore, a hard way to live happily.

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