A-Z Teen Health Glossary

My name is Tina Artedris [SP]. I’m 17. I came to Paradigm Malibu because I was suffering from depression. I was diagnosed with bipolar. I was on all these different medications. I was suffering body pains. I wasn’t going to school, and just my life became unmanageable. My dad was like my best friend. So growing up, I always kind of dealt with the depression and stuff, but he was kind of like that mentor in my life. He had dealt with depression when he was my age. When he was like 19, he recovered from it, or so you say. Now he was good. Then about two years ago, he committed suicide.

So before I came here, I was just like, “All right. I have depression. I’m going to end up exactly like my dad. Maybe I’ll get better and be happy for like 20 years, 30 years, but it’s going to come back, and I’m going to end up killing myself probably like my dad, or I’m going to end up being depressed and sad just like him.”

Then also, with all the medication and all that stuff, I was just so unhappy. It just wouldn’t have been a good life. Then coming here, I really learned a lot about how I should view my life. I’m going to probably cry. It’s important to me. Viewing my dad’s death, I viewed it as like, “Oh, that’s how my life is going to end up.” Now, I view it as like, “I can’t end up like him. I have to live for both of us.”

So it’s just like I can’t try to kill myself. I can’t think about that as a solution because that’s not a solution. I need to live for him and for myself and my future children, for everything, just trying to really get myself inspired to live.

So I think as far as my future now, I just see myself being hopefully just getting a career. I wanted to do something in psychology, and then I came here, and I was kind of like, “I hate psychology.” But now, I’m kind of getting back into it. Something along that, I want to have a profession. I also want to be a mom. I want to get married, so just hopefully a happy life. I really just want to be one of those people who’s really grounded and really in touch with myself. I think Paradigm really set me on that path.