What Is Teen Depressant Abuse?

Prescription depressants basically work by slowing down the workings and activity of the brain and central nervous system. Along these lines, they’re often prescribed for people who are anxious (and need to slow down their thoughts) or can’t sleep.

Benzodiazepines, or “Benzos” are a type of depressant commonly abused for the relaxation effects or “high.” Some of the most commonly abused forms of the drug include: Diazepam (or Valium), Alprazolam (Xanax), and Estazolam, which are prescribed for issues such as severe stress, panic attacks, convulsions, and/or sleep disorders.  Teen depressant abuse occurs when a teen is exposed to these drugs and begins to take more than the prescribed dose in an effort to intensify the “high” feeling.


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What It Looks Like


Common Benzo Abuse Includes:

  • People using Benzos that weren’t prescribed to them
  • People taking more than prescribed
  • People taking them for other purposes than prescribed
  • Taking them along with other drugs, such as Stimulants.

All of these forms of teen depressant abuse, especially taking them in combination with other drugs, have serious risks.

Although people may feel relatively strong effects when they first begin taking Benzos, it’s easy for the body to develop a tolerance to the drug, thereby demanding people to take a larger dose in order to achieve the same effect. This can easily lead to dependence, addiction, and eventually, withdrawal.

Benzos are also extremely dangerous when taken in combination with any other drugs, including other prescription medications and alcohol.


Teen Depressant Abuse Treatment

First of all, in cases where people are addicted to Benzos, stopping use of them can lead to dangerous withdrawal effects, and so people need the oversight and advice of a therapist and/or Doctor in order to do so safely. Because Benzos affect brain activity by slowing it down, discontinuing use too quickly can lead to the brain activity speed increasing too quickly which can lead to seizures.

Treatment for Benzos involves first, the monitoring of any withdrawal that people might go through. Therapy also entails addressing the mental and behavioral patterns and triggers that exist in connection with the drug use.


Behavior and Stress

During teen depressant abuse treatment, a therapist can work with teens to first help them discover both their unhealthy behaviors that led to the drug abuse, as well as any other behaviors, contexts, or even relationships, that may be connected. This can be a crucial step toward people making a holistic recovery, where they no longer have the same vulnerability to return to using, and they’re prepared to live healthy lives.

A therapist can also help people identify the potential stressors that perhaps triggered and/or sustained the drug abuse. This is important work for people to face, in that they may not be completely aware of the things that led up to their use and eventual abuse of the drug. Identifying and rectifying these factors allows people to not only recover from the past abuse, but also take preventative action for the future.

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