What is Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder Treatment?


Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder treatment is necessary when an illness appears suddenly and with very few, if any, warning signs.  It usually only lasts a month, but some research suggests that it may be the precursor for other psychological problems in the future.


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What It Looks Like


Some of the most common symptoms of Brief Psychotic Disorder affect a teen’s thinking, behavior, and speech.  These symptoms may manifest themselves in ways including, but not limited to:


  • Visual or auditory hallucination
  • Memory loss
  • Sudden poor decision making
  • Illogical thoughts or delusions
  • Suspicion and/or paranoia
  • Sudden strange, unintelligible speech
  • Unusual body movements
  • Sudden change in sleeping habits


Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder can last anywhere from 24 hours to one month, and is also commonly present as a Co-Occurring Disorder.




With Marked Stressors – Characterized by its occurrence, soon after an extremely stressful traumatic event or combination of stressful events


Without Marked Stressors – Characterized because of it occurring at a time with no observable or isolated incident, as the cause


With Postpartum Onset – Characterized by the onset following a woman giving birth to a baby, and includes factors such as the rapidly changing hormones in the mother’s body as well as new sources of stress


Teen Brief Psychotic Disorder Treatment


The most successful Teen Psychotic Disorders treatment, and especially Brief Psychotic Disorder, is intensive-style approach, such as residential treatment.  In such intensive treatment, therapists help teens to address either the known or unknown cause of stress that led to this, and their experience now.



Sometimes medication is also helpful in alleviating the severity and discomfort of the short-term symptoms.  Some of the most commonly prescribed medications are:

antipsychotic drugs, atypical antipsychotic drugs, and anxiety medications.




If it’s only going to last a month, why do I need treatment for teen brief psychotic disorder treatment?


Intensive treatment is strongly recommended in order to minimize any difficulty or potential harm a teen and their loved ones might experience, throughout this time.  Because delusions and hallucinations are unpredictable in both nature and timing, having supervision and professional help can provide invaluable support throughout this challenging time.

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