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Teen Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

What Is Teen Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment?


Those who need Teen Borderline Personality Disorder treatment have extremely negative, distorted views of themselves, characterized by low feelings of self-worth, and this leads to problems creating and maintaining relationships with others.  Though beliefs and behaviors stem from those feelings of inadequacy, often teens with the disorder will offend and ostracize others, because of their unpredictable behavior, moodiness, and occasional outbursts.


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What It Looks Like


Teens with Borderline Personality Disorder think and behave in these ways compulsively.  Therefore, they may be aware and even feel guilt over, the effects which their behavior has on others, and yet, nonetheless are unable to change or behave differently.  This friction caused by negative compulsive behaviors and their resulting guilt can ultimately lead to even more negative feelings about themselves, and even Depression.


Some of the specific symptoms that teens with Borderline Personality Disorder experience include, but are not limited to:


  • Reckless behaviors, including such things as sexual behaviors, driving, substance abuse, and spending money
  • Difficulty maintaining healthy long-term relationships
  • Intense and unpredictable moodiness
  • Anxiety about being alone
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Inability to change behavior, despite multiple attempts


There are considered to be four different subtypes of Borderline Personality Disorder, including:


The Discouraged Borderline

Characterized by Depression, a grave, serious demeanor, outbursts of anger, and reckless, harmful behavior


The Impulsive Borderline

Characterized by risk-taking and thrill-seeking, flirtatiousness, extreme need and desire for attention, socialness, and dangerous and risky behavior


The Petulant Borderline

Characterized by difficulty maintaining relationships, moodiness and gloominess, fear of disappointing others, a bad temper, and anxiety and fear about being unloved


The Self-Destructive Borderline

Characterized by people turning their negative outlook about life onto themselves, carried out in punishing, harmful behaviors such as eating disorders, substance abuse, and other reckless behavior




Teen Borderline Personality Disorder treatment involves addressing the mental and behavioral aspects of the illness.


Often, therapists will use a combination of talk therapy and medication to help teens return to normal functioning.  Therapists will help teens to recognize their thought patterns and behaviors, develop new reactions to stress and triggers that lead to these behaviors, and also address underlying causes or belief systems that interfere with their relationships.


Lastly, therapists work with teens to repair and develop healthy relationships, as well as their overall lifestyle.




How long does therapy take?


Like treatment for many Mental Health problems, the timeline and process differs for every person.  Some of the most central goals of therapy are to help you back to a place of normal and healthy interaction with others, so that your outbursts and previously uncontrolled behaviors are no longer causing harm to your responsibilities at school, home, or in relationships.  It may take a while for you to get to this place, and even when you can relate and engage functionally, you still may have to resist urges and old habitual patterns.  With this being said, what’s true for almost all treatment is also true with regard to this disorder, and that is: the sooner you start, the better.