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Teen Addiction Treatment

Paradigm Malibu’s substance abuse and teen addiction treatment is based on a holistic approach and implements a combination of the best traditional and experimental approaches in therapy, in both individual and group settings.  This includes but is not limited to, methodologies and approaches of the 12-step program.  Before being admitted to Paradigm, every teen undergoes a thorough psychiatric evaluation, which our team of therapists and other mental health care professionals use, when designing the teen’s individual treatment plan.  Each treatment plan is carefully constructed, with a primary goal of providing individualized teen addiction treatment, according to each teen’s specific condition, including their addiction, symptoms, experiences, and interests.  Along these lines, it’s worth noting that at Paradigm, we approach therapy according to teens’ strengths, as opposed to their substance abuse or addiction.  This is one way in which we provide therapy that is thorough and precise to the individual, in striving to help teens toward a real and long-lasting recovery and sobriety, and furthermore, healthy and happy lives.

Paradigm Teen Addiction Treatment

Individualized Treatment

Every teen’s treatment looks different at Paradigm Malibu.  With that being said, there are some fundamental aspects of teen addiction treatment we provide that are consistent, among all teens that are here, addressing substance abuse and addiction issues.

First of all, for teens who are struggling with addiction and may go through withdrawal and be in need of detoxification we provide social detoxification which involves careful monitoring and care, to assure teens’ physical and mental well-being, throughout this process. Because this initial process of discontinuing use of the substance and subsequent symptoms can be such a difficult and uncomfortable experience, we work closely with teens to help support them and communicate with them throughout this process. Some teens, who are experiencing severe symptoms, such as withdrawal related seizures or delirium tremens , may be in need of inpatient medical treatment for these types of acute symptoms. Once medically stable, the teen will be more able to benefit from a residential level of care and social detoxification to address the underlying contributors that drive their substance use.

All teens receive one-on-one therapy sessions every day that they’re at Paradigm.  In addition to these sessions, teens also take part in group therapy sessions, family sessions, and a number of other types of therapy, depending on their desires and interests.  Some of these special therapy approaches available to teens at Paradigm include things like: Dance Therapy, Art Therapy, Writing Therapy, Surf Therapy, and Equine Therapy.

In both individual and group sessions, therapists work with teens to address their addiction, its mental and physical effects, and any related behaviors.  Once teens begin to have an awareness of their addiction and its effects, therapists help them to evaluate what stressors, triggers, and/or conflicts in their lives may have led to the initial or continued use of the substance.

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Our therapists help teens to become aware of these deeper connections between their addiction and the other parts of their lives in order to help them identify what other changes need to be made, in order to support their sobriety.  Once teens can make these connections, therapists can implement different behavioral therapies, in order to help teens make positive, lasting changes in their lives.  These behavioral changes might include healthy ways of coping with stress, academic support resources, and/or tools to communicate better with parents or other family members.  This might also include therapists helping teens to recognize and change faulty belief systems that have held power in their lives and effects on their addiction. This deeper work, in which our therapists help teens to evaluate and change the underlying behaviors, feelings, and belief systems that are in place in their lives, is fundamental to Paradigm treatment, and we believe, fundamental to successful and lasting recovery.

In order to support teens both physically and mentally while they’re at Paradigm, we have an array of supplemental programs and offerings to help them with stress, the effects of withdrawal as their body detoxifies, and overall well-being.  Some of these offerings include options like:

  • hiking
  • yoga
  • gym workouts
  • surfing
  • acupuncture

We also offer special academic support programs, including but not limited to, support for teens with Co-Occurring learning differences, or teens for whom school is a major cause of stress, and therefore, trigger for using. All of these programs and offering are ways in which our treatment becomes truly holistic, addressing teens in all aspects of their lives.

Parent Support

At Paradigm, we understand and appreciate that being a parent of a teen struggling with substance abuse and/or addiction is an extremely difficult and scary challenge. This is why we take our parent support programs as seriously as the teens’ treatment, and make every effort to provide parents with the most support we can, throughout the entire process. This includes individual parenting sessions with therapists, family sessions, group sessions with parents, and Parent Effectiveness training. Our therapists work to help parents become aware and knowledgeable about what their teen is experiencing, as well as providing them with the resources and tools necessary to know how to support them. Therapists also help parents to begin laying the groundwork for a healthy home environment, once the teen returns home. And furthermore, therapists become a bridge of communication between the teens and parents, providing a safe, open place for both parties to speak and be heard.  These family sessions can be extremely powerful in helping teens and their parents heal, forgive, and move forward.  And following treatment, Paradigm provides free ongoing support services, to teens and parents alike, both on the phone and in person.

Teen Addiction Treatment

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