A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Bullies and Bullied Teens Are at Risk for Depression

In general, research has found that teens who bully as well as teens who are bullied are at risk for mental illness. Although the types of mental illness might vary depending upon whether a teen was consistently bullied or whether he or she was the one doing the bullying, both can have psychological effects.  …

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Teen Mental Illness | Paradigm Malibu

Untreated Teen Mental Illness Brings Greater Risks

There are a number of adolescents who experience mental health symptoms and who likely have a diagnosis. However, they are not getting the treatment they need. The common forms of teen mental illness, such as Bipolar Disorder and Depression, can lead to suicide or other forms of harm if they go untreated.   In fact,…

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Teen Suicidal Thinking | ParadigmMalibu.com

Teen Suicidal Thinking and What To Do About It

Suicidal thoughts, often called suicidal ideation, is the experience of having thoughts of ending your life. These kinds of thoughts can be momentary and short-lived. And for others, suicidal thinking might develop into well-thought out plans. Fortunately, the majority of teens who have suicidal thinking do not follow through on those thoughts. Yet, sadly, for…

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Warning Signs of Teen Suicide | Paradigm Malibu

Parents: Pay Attention to the Warning Signs of Teen Suicide

Although it might not be obvious at first, teens tend to reveal signs of their suicidal thinking. In fact, it’s common for parents and friends to put the signs together after they’ve lost an adolescent they love. Other parents can learn from this mistake by paying attention to the many warning signs of teen suicide…

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Feeling Sad and What To Do About It | Paradigm Malibu

Feeling Sad and What To Do About It

The feelings and emotions of teens are going to fluctuate. They are going to rise and fall, and it’s a pattern that’s normal in adolescence. One reason for this is that the brain is undergoing significant change during this stage of life. Because of the significant changes that occur in adolescence, teens experience all sorts…

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