A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Teens: Use Writing to Heal From a Relationship Breakup

If you’ve been through a difficult breakup, you might be feeling alone, lost, confused, and maybe even wondering how you’re going to carry on. This might sound dramatic to parents and teachers, but when you’re a teen a breakup can feel like life is over. The truth is that adolescence is a time when teens…

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Cynthia Bond Speak About Her New Book “Ruby”

Connie Martenson interviews Paradigm Malibu’s therapeutic writing teacher, Cynthia Bond, about her new book “Ruby.”  Set during the 1950s in East Texas, the titular character, “a salmon swimming against the current,” overcomes violence, oppression and brutality. She beautifully describes how Ruby’s story not only represents the journey through the civil rights movement, but also through…

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Teen Depression Rehab | ParadigmMalibu.com

Teen Depression Rehab: Restore Your Well Being through Writing

Often, the word rehab is used with treating addiction. It’s not used as a term to describe healing from a psychological disorder, such as teen depression. However, the word rehab is simply a shorter version of the word rehabilitation. In fact, it means to rehabilitate or restore.   To restore your psychological well being, that…

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Benefits of Therapeutic Writing

Paradigm Malibu’s Cynthia Bond speaks about her opportunity to work with teens, helping them express themselves and tell their stories through the art of therapeutic writing. She highlights the positive effect  engaging in multiple, diverse therapies has on teens struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.  These therapies work in conjunction with one…

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Ruby: A Novel by Cynthia Bond, Paradigm Malibu’s Therapeutic Writing Coach

Cynthia Bond’s novel:  Ruby – Reviewed and praised by Shelf Awareness.   “Memory, racism, community and the resilience of the human spirit are weighty and complex themes around which to build a story that won’t suffer under their burden. Cynthia Bond’s Ruby, however–lush, poetic, and brilliant in its use of imagery–manages to fully explore these…

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