A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Common Responses Teens May Have to Trauma

  Trauma is an experience that includes the fear of losing one’s life. That intense fear can have a heavy impact on a person’s mind, especially the mind of a teen or child. At the same time, the ways that trauma affects someone can vary widely. One person can go through a traumatic experience and…

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Treating the Underlying Issues of Teen Addiction

  When teens continue to use drugs or drink alcohol there are many problems that can arise as a result. For instance, there might be truancy, expulsion from school, juvenile detention, failing grades, and a host of other major problems. Yet, these concerns, as well as the addiction itself, isn’t really the issue. The real…

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Learned Helplessness, Trauma, and Teen Depression-Paradigm Malibu

Learned Helplessness, Trauma, and Teen Depression

There are many ways that clinical psychologists and theorists have looked at teen depression over the years. Can explore it as purely a biological disease, meaning the result of chemical deficiencies in the brain. It might be a symptom of physical ailments, such as accompanying chronic illness. It can be a spiritual ailment, meaning the…

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