A-Z Teen Health Glossary

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Psychotherapy: What You and Your Teen Can Expect

Psychotherapy is a mental health service that not all parents, let alone teens, understand. It’s meant to be an opportunity to be heard and understood about a particular issue or concern. Psychotherapists are also trained in particular therapeutic interventions that can facilitate greater psychological health. If your teen was recently instructed to participate in individual…

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Why Healthy Relationships with Adults Are Important for Teens

  Research is now revealing just how important relationships are, even from the start of life. Infants are looking to their parents for reflection, affection, and attention. They need long moments of loving gaze to help them build a strong foundation for a healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-regulation – or knowing how to manage emotions…

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Teens: You Might Actually Enjoy Therapy

  Sometimes therapy gets a bad rap among teens. There you are sitting in front of someone you barely know and you’re supposed to share your deepest thoughts and feelings. Sure, that’s what it might feel like in the beginning. However, if you give therapy a chance, you might find that it can be supportive…

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Teens: Get Out Your Paintbrushes This Thanksgiving

  Well, get out not only your paintbrushes, but your also your guitars, notebooks, pottery, and clay. Get out all your tools to be creative and explorative! You’ve got a few days off so why not take advantage of the time and enjoy yourself!   Teens are naturally creative. Because of the teen brain, which…

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