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14 Ways Parents Can Curb Teen Substance Abuse – Part One

With recent drug epidemics, including heroin and painkillers, parents and supportive adults are looking for ways to assist teens in curbing their drug use. They seem to be looking for ways to prevent drug abuse in children and adolescents. And at the same time, sadly, some parents are still in the dark when it comes…

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How Teen Borderline Personality Disorder and Teen Bipolar Disorder Differ-Paradigm Malibu

Female Teens Are More At Risk for Substance Abuse Due to Mental Health

No matter the age or gender, drinking and drug use can eventually lead to an addiction. Although this doesn’t happen for everyone, the choice to drink or use drugs inherently comes with risk of developing one.   However, recent research shows that women are the fastest growing segment for substance abuse in the United States.…

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Teens: Rise Above The Underlying Issues of Substance Abuse

Before and beyond substance abuse are many underlying issues that contribute to drug, alcohol, or even behavioral addiction, which further supports the view of addiction as a mental illness. These dysfunctional patterns are powerlessness, enabling, and co-dependency. These might be patterns that you grew up with. They might even be patterns that feel comfortable to…

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Teen Club Drugs and Addiction- Paradigm Malibu

A Historical Account: How Teen Addiction Treatment Has Improved

It’s true that up until recently, the treatment options for teens with substance abuse diagnoses were not good. In fact, according to an October 2011 article in a psychiatric journal, these options made drug treatment for teens a public concern.   Historically, teen addiction treatment attended programs that had a boot camp like style with…

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What’s Involved in Adolescent Drug Treatment-Paradigm Malibu

More on Motivational Interviewing: A Technique to End Teen Substance Abuse

If your child is attending therapy as a part of a teen substance abuse treatment plan, you might encounter a counseling technique called Motivational Interviewing. It’s a form of therapy that explores the level of ambivalence to change. And with this, your child’s readiness to make different choices.   This article explores Motivational Interviewing in…

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