A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Teens Speak About The Anxieties They Experience

In the fall of last year CNN did a special on teenager’s biggest challenges. They talked about the pressures of acceptance, balancing schoolwork and sleep, and planning for the future. And they invited the words of teenagers themselves. CNN created a venue for adolescents to comment on the biggest challenge they face in life, and…

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Teen Academic Issues and Mental Health | ParadigmMalibu.com

Teen Anxiety: When Teens Refuse to Go To School

There’s a danger when teens don’t go to school. And there’s a danger when parents let their children stay home because they are “emotionally ill”. The danger for teens is that there are a number of gadgets at home to get lost in – televisions, Ipads, computers, gaming systems, and Iphones. Teens can easily stay…

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Parents: Beware of Internet Scam on Teen Anxiety Expert

Recently, a Chicago news station exposed an Internet scam of someone attempting to sell “cures” for a variety of anxiety disorders, as well as a program on helping parents raise anxiety-free children. The offer of anxiety treatment was apparently backed by medical and clinical professionals, according to the website. However, the news station revealed that…

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Teen Grief & Mourning the Death of a Parent | ParadigmMalibu.com

Why are There So Many with Teen Anxiety and Depression?

Today, teens and adults alike tend to have less sunshine and more computer light, less time with family and more time with strangers and co-workers, less real foods and more processed foods because they are too busy to make a meal. There seems to be a relationship between the growing urbanization of the world and…

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Treating Teens with Social Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common type of psychological illness. According to Moretza and Karen Khaleghi, authors of the book Anatomy of Addiction, 19.1 million adults suffer from anxiety, which translates to about 13.3 percent of the U.S. population, or about one in every seven adults. Also, the Anxiety Disorders Association of America reports that…

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Teen Social Anxiety and Cigarette Smoking

You might see how social anxiety and smoking go together right away. Imagine yourself at a party. The weight of feeling like you don’t fit in becomes a thick wall between you and everyone else. You feel uncomfortable, like you’re the most unusual, abnormal person in the room. You pull out your box of cigarettes…

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Why Medication Alone Doesn’t Work-Paradigm Malibu

The Anxiety of the Promposal for Teens

Prom is a big deal – there’s no question about it. It’s a celebratory experience for high school students to observe the coming end of a school year, have fun with friends and dress in their finest clothes.   Despite the celebratory nature of the event, there are many anxieties to prom, including asking a…

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The Physical, Sexual and Social Changes of Adolescence | ParadigmMalibu.com

The Differences Between Teen Stress and Teen Anxiety

The words stress and anxiety are often used interchangeably. If you’re in high school and feeling the demands of school, family, future, and friends, you might find yourself saying, “I’m under a lot of stress.” It’s the socially appropriate way of saying, “I’m freaking out!”   However, there are times when you are feeling anxious,…

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