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How to Support a Teen With Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder is a condition that goes beyond shyness or the awkwardness of the teen years. All adolescents feel unsure of themselves at times. Some are introverted, which means that they need time alone to refresh themselves after being out with friends or in a large group. Some are shy, which means that they…

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Teens: Learn to Manage Pre-Panic Attack Anxiety

      One of biggest challenges to having panic attacks is the anxiety that leads up to it. If you’ve been diagnosed with Panic Disorder, or if you have panic attacks on a regular basis, you might have experienced the debilitating anxiety that comes with not knowing when another panic is going to happen.…

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Circumstances that Affect a Teen’s Relationship with their Parents

  Many teens have a difficult time during adolescence. Although it’s easy to conclude that a teen’s current or recent experience might be playing a role in their mental health, the first few years of life can also influence a teen’s psychological health.   During the first year of life, an infant is working on…

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Tips for Parents of Autistic Teens

Autism is a developmental disorder that varies widely in its severity. Some teens might be able to function normally and enjoy the educational, social, and occupational aspects of their lives; while other teens may need much more support in order to function. For these teens, parents may need to adjust their lives tremendously in order…

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Teens: Awareness Can Be a Powerful Tool in Managing Anxiety

Anxiety can get in the way of much of your life. It can interfere with friendships, schoolwork, and family life. And during adolescence, there’s already many life challenges you’re facing, such as peer pressure and school responsibilities.   However, becoming more and more aware of when you’re anxious and the trigger of the anxiety can…

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Mental Illness Occurs in Every Culture Around the World

  Teens pay particular attention to social interaction. They have their eye on what’s hot, trendy, and stylish. And they want to be a part of what everyone else is doing – unless it’s their parents having the fun. In general, adolescents want to be a part of the cool crowd – whoever that might…

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Common Reasons Why Teens Might Injure Themselves

  Adolescents who cut, burn, bite, scratch, or bruise their skin consistently may be hurting themselves on purpose. Although this might seem like odd behavior, there are valid psychological reasons behind self injury.   Self-injury – also known as Non-Suicidal Self-Injury or NSSI – is harming one’s own body without the intention of committing suicide.…

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