A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Common Reasons Why Teens Might Injure Themselves

  Adolescents who cut, burn, bite, scratch, or bruise their skin consistently may be hurting themselves on purpose. Although this might seem like odd behavior, there are valid psychological reasons behind self injury.   Self-injury – also known as Non-Suicidal Self-Injury or NSSI – is harming one’s own body without the intention of committing suicide.…

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Parents: Try to Understand Teens Who Self Harm Not Punish Them

  If you’re a parent and you find out that your teen is scratching, scraping, poking, burning, or cutting themselves, you’re probably terrified. Out of fear, you might demand your teen to stop or you might remove their privileges in order to make them put an end to it. However, because teens who self harm…

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