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Personality Disorders | Paradigm Malibu

Personality Disorders in Teens: What You Should Know

Historically, people would not received a diagnosis for personality disorders until they were at least in their 20’s. The nature of the illness indicates a long-term unhealthy pattern of thought and behavior and a person needs to have a history of life challenges that might indicate a personality disorder exists.   However, there is an ongoing debate…

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Antisocial Behavior In Children and Teens | ParadigmMalibu.com

Parent Training Can Improve Antisocial Behavior In Children and Teens

For children and teens who exhibit antisocial behavior, life can be very challenging. Likely, their lives have been difficult for a while, and not just for them, but also for the parents, teachers, and guardians around them. Of course, all children and teens will demonstrate behavior that is to some degree “anti-social”. Part of their…

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