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How to Help Your Teen Through a Panic Attack

Panic Disorder is an anxiety disorder with periods of intense anxiety that come and go. But one of the most challenging facets of Panic Disorder is the anxiety of not knowing when the next panic attack will happen. If you are a parent with a teen who has been diagnosed with Panic Disorder, you might…

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Generalized Anxiety Disorders in Teens

  A fantastic resource for teens with mental illness and their parents is this website: TeenMentalHealth.org.   This site contains a thorough description of the many illnesses that can affect teens and how those disorders can get in the way of their lives. Additionally, this site also includes ways to cope with those illnesses as…

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Bullies and Bullied Teens Are at Risk for Depression

In general, research has found that teens who bully as well as teens who are bullied are at risk for mental illness. Although the types of mental illness might vary depending upon whether a teen was consistently bullied or whether he or she was the one doing the bullying, both can have psychological effects.  …

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How To Manage Panic Attacks and the Pre-Panic Attack Anxiety

Panic attacks seem to be unbearable for teens, not only during an attack, but also leading up to one. In fact, one of the most debilitating symptoms of panic attacks is the anxiety that comes with not knowing when another panic is going to happen.  In fact, pre-panic anxiety is one of the clinical symptoms…

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Two Essential Tasks to Recovering from Teen Panic Disorder – Part Two

This is a two part series on what teens can do to facilitate their own healing from Panic Disorder. In the first article, a description of teen Panic Disorder was provided as well as the first essential task to self-healing. That first task is education – educating yourself on what Panic Disorder is, how it…

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Two Essential Tasks to Recovering from Teen Panic Disorder – Part One

In this two part series, you’ll find information that will empower you to heal from Panic Disorders. Traditional mental health treatment methods will also be shared and they are not mutually exclusive. If you’re a teen with Panic Disorder, you’ll find ways that you can help yourself, while also seeing a therapist, and if necessary,…

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