A-Z Teen Health Glossary

How to Help Manage Your Teen’s Anger

  Teens display all sorts of emotions during adolescence, and sometimes those emotions persist. Teens may experience sadness, shame, or low self esteem, while other teens may be consistently angry. If you’re a parent or caregiver and you want to help your teen, this article may be able to provide some suggestions on how to…

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Depression to Bipolar, Mood Disorders | ParadigmMalibu.com

From Depression to Bipolar, Mood Disorders are No Longer Just for Adults

Traditionally, the field of psychology saw major mood disorders as existing in adults only. However, today, those disorders, including depression and bipolar disorder, are seen in adolescents. In fact, recent studies have found that as many as 15%-18% of teens have experienced a mood episode by age 18.   A mood episode is either an…

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Teen Mood Disorders and Homelessness

It’s hard to believe but adolescents can be homeless too. It’s easy to imagine adults living on the streets; we’ve all seen homeless men and women especially in urban parts of the United States.  Yet, sadly, adolescents and even children are sometimes left without the resources they need, such as food and shelter.   According…

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Females are More Vulnerable to Teen Mood Disorders

Up until recently, certain mental illnesses that had to do with emotions were categorized under mood disorders, also known as affective disorders. The word affect is a clinical term for emotion or feeling. In the most recent version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses, however, teen mood disorders are now categorized differently.…

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Loving Teens with Low Self-Worth-Paradigm Malibu

Disorders that Affect Thoughts and Moods of Teens

There are a variety of psychological disorders that affect teens differently. In fact, the way that certain illnesses affect children, adolescents, and adults provide the structure by which psychological illnesses are categorized in the mental health field.   For instance, mental illnesses that have to do with emotions are categorized under mood disorders, and disorders…

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