A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Homeless Teens | Paradigm Malibu

Homeless Teens are at Greater Risk for Mental Illness

If you’re a teen attending junior high or high school, you might not be able to identify classmates that sleep on the streets at night. It’s not frequently spoken about, and most homeless teens are too ashamed to admit that they don’t have a home to return to. However, across the country, teen homelessness is…

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Mental Illness | Paradigm Malibu

Parents: Don’t Be Afraid of Mental Illness

Mental illness is one of those subjects that many families don’t talk about. It’s a type of problem that members of other families get. It’s the type of illness that other people around the world experience. However, it’s likely that mental illness can touch your family because one in four individuals will experience some sort…

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Brief Psychotic Disorder | Paradigm Malibu

What You Should Know About Brief Psychotic Disorder

You might know about various psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other conditions that last for years, if not a lifetime. If your teen is suffering from psychotic behaviors that clear up within a month, however, he or she might have brief psychotic disorder. Often following a traumatic event, brief psychotic disorder can…

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Phobia Treatment | Paradigm Malibu

How to Help Your Teen Through Phobia Treatment

While it’s normal for young children to have irrational fears, they tend to abate as kids grow up and learn more about the world. By the time the teenage years roll around, most fears have diminished or disappeared. A teen who is still having intense fears of anything in particular might have a phobia. A…

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Mental Illness Diagnosis | Paradigm Malibu

Mental Illness Diagnosis: Here’s How to Get Help in School

One of the classic signs of mental illness in teens is a drop in grades. The symptoms of mental illness often interfere with the ability to do well in school. For instance, lack of concentration, which is a symptom of depression, can hinder a teen’s ability to retain information in class. Feeling rejected by friends…

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Teen Mental Illness | Paradigm Malibu

Teen Mental Illness Vs Adult Mental Illness

For the most part, parents believe that psychological illness is reserved for adults. However, mental illness, even disorders such as bipolar and schizophrenia, can occur in children and teens as well. In fact, research shows that most psychological illnesses progress along a developmental course beginning early in life. This is true not only of those…

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Severe Mental Illness | Paradigm Malibu

What Defines Severe Mental Illness in Teens?

    Severe mental illness is not so clearly defined in most clinical settings. However, most clinicians agree that if a psychological illness lasts in duration (meaning that it is chronic and long-lasting) as well as causes severe disability, then that disorder can be categorized as a severe mental illness (SMI). In addition to severe…

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Dual Diagnosis | Paradigm Malibu

Dealing with Dual Diagnosis in Your Teen

  If you are a parent or caregiver of a teen who is struggling with addiction, you might also find out that your teen is depressed or anxious. Or that they have another type of mental illness in addition to their addiction. When someone struggles with two illnesses at once, it is called dual diagnosis.…

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