A-Z Teen Health Glossary
Bipolar Disorder Symptoms | Paradigm Malibu

Look Out for These 4 Bipolar Disorder Symptoms in Teens

The adolescent years can be full of ups and downs. Your son or daughter might be over the moon with happiness because they scored a date with their latest crush… and an hour later, an argument with a friend can have them down in the dumps and moping around. When mood swings are severe and…

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Teen Eating Disorders | Paradigm Malibu

What Parents Need to Know About Teen Eating Disorders

Teen eating disorders are more than just a phase. Although it’s easy to believe that your teen is now focused on their body more than ever because they want to impress their friends, the truth is that if you see repetitive eating behaviors in your teen, it’s worth getting checked out.   Problems with Eating…

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Loved and Accepted | Paradigm Malibu

Teens Need to Feel Loved and Accepted

When reading this title, you might think to yourself that all children need to feel this way. And you’re right: a teen feels loved, trusted, understood, and safe is by cultivating that relationship from the beginning. It’s building a secure relationship with your child from the start that helps you to have a bonded relationship…

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Divorce | Paradigm Malibu

Effects of Divorce on Adolescents

If you are going through a divorce, you’re undoubtedly stressed and likely overwhelmed. With so many feelings and practicalities to deal with, you are probably concerned about how your teenager is handling the situation. While every teen is different, many adolescents experience a similar range of feelings as they navigate their parents’ divorce. Here are…

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Mental Illness Diagnosis | Paradigm Malibu

Mental Illness Diagnosis: Here’s How to Get Help in School

One of the classic signs of mental illness in teens is a drop in grades. The symptoms of mental illness often interfere with the ability to do well in school. For instance, lack of concentration, which is a symptom of depression, can hinder a teen’s ability to retain information in class. Feeling rejected by friends…

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Mental Health Treatment | Paradigm Malibu

Words to Avoid During Teen Mental Health Treatment

Communication between parents and teenagers can be difficult on the best of days. Between generational differences, normal teenage development, common mood changes in adolescents, and the pressures that parents face, misunderstandings and poor word choices are a common occurrence. You might feel that talking to your teenager is even more difficult, now that he or…

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Severe Mental Illness | Paradigm Malibu

What Defines Severe Mental Illness in Teens?

    Severe mental illness is not so clearly defined in most clinical settings. However, most clinicians agree that if a psychological illness lasts in duration (meaning that it is chronic and long-lasting) as well as causes severe disability, then that disorder can be categorized as a severe mental illness (SMI). In addition to severe…

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