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How Physical Environment Affects Your Teen’s Mental Health

Mental health isn’t something that happens entirely inside a person’s head. Yes, mental health problems often involve brain processes and brain chemistry, but other factors matter as well, including the physical environment a person lives in. The physical environment can trigger dormant mental health problems or exacerbate existing mental health problems. This may be especially…

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Teen Smartphone Addiction | Paradigm Malibu

How Does Teen Smartphone Addiction Affect Mental Health?

If your teen is like most, he or she might seem glued to their smartphone. Nearly three-quarters of teenagers use a smartphone, and because these phones are capable of not only calling and texting but also going online, posting to social media, and using a wide variety of apps, they have become, quite literally, computers…

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Female Teens | Paradigm Malibu

5 Ways Parents Can Support their Female Teens

Female teens typically have different needs than male teens. In fact, many experts now recognize that female teens are more vulnerable to mood disorders, including depression and anxiety. Research also indicates that females mature more quickly than boys and therefore can be more sensitive to emotional stimuli. For these reasons, female teens might have different emotional and…

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Teen Pregnancy | Paradigm Malibu

Is There a Link Between Teen Pregnancy and Mental Health Issues?

Although the birth rate among American teenagers has been dropping since the 1990s, there are still about 750,000 teenage girls who get pregnant each year. While most parents assume that their daughters will make it through the teenage years without finding themselves pregnant, unfortunately, this is a reality that many must face. Teen pregnancy can,…

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Teen Emotional Health Therapy - Paradigm Malibu

How the Emotional Health of Your Teen’s Friends Impacts Your Teen

As children grow into adolescence, their family relationships dim in comparison to their social relationships. A teen starts to find great value in the connections they have with friends, mentors, coaches, teachers, and peers. Socialization is an important facet of adolescence because it is through social relationships that a teen gets to know more and…

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