A-Z Teen Health Glossary
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Types of Self-Evaluation Tools to Assess Teen Mental Health

Whether you suspect mental illness in your teen or you want to chart the progress towards mental health in your adolescent, self-evaluation tools are easy to use. Plus, they do not require the expertise of a mental health provider. Many assessment tools are meant to be used at home to help clarify whether you need…

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The Ongoing Fight for Equality and Access to Care for the LGBTQ Community

  In a misguided and unethical step to foster discrimination against the LGBTQ community, the Tennessee General Assembly has presented a bill to allow therapists and counselors to reject providing care for patients that would violate “(therapist) principles” which, as of now, remain undefined.  This bill comes on the heels of the recently passed North…

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Facts and Tips about Teen Mental Health

  Some adults believe that it’s impossible for children and teens to develop a mental illness. Perhaps they feel that children and teens are too young or haven’t had the life experience to develop an illness. Although this may be a popular idea, it is a myth. Children and teens are just as vulnerable to…

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For Teens Who Are Looking for Help

  If you’re a teen and you’re experiencing symptoms of mental illness, there are many ways in which you can get help. If you feel comfortable, you can talk to your friends. You can talk to parents, teachers, and guidance counselors, and you can always search the internet. It’s important to know that you’re not…

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The Struggle of Teens Who are Adopted or in Foster Care

  Teens who do not live with their biological parents might have greater mental health concerns than other teens who do. Of course, there are many children and teens who reside with foster or adoptive parents and who have developed a strong bond with their caregivers. However, for those teens who never had the opportunity…

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Psychological Assessments: First Step For Teen Mental Health Treatment-Paradigm Malibu

Psychological Assessments: First Step For Teen Mental Health Treatment

Taking your child to see a mental health professional for psychological assessments could lead to a big sigh of relief. If, for example, your teenager possesses symptoms of a mental illness and a diagnosis is formulated, at least you have information to take the appropriate steps forward, such as finding the right teen mental health…

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