A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Parents: Here are Signs Your Teen is Smoking Pot

  For some parents, any drug use by their teen is bad news. And for other parents, marijuana is okay, as long as they aren’t touching anything else. Whether you’re concerned about drug use or not, you may be interested in signs that show your teen is smoking pot. Although marijuana comes across as a…

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More Studies Confirm Ill Effects of Marijuana Use on Teens

Perhaps we don’t need any more information that drugs are not a good idea for any teen. However, when it comes to marijuana, the jury is still out. This is especially true because more and more states are legalizing the drug and sending the message that marijuana is safe to use.   However, like alcohol,…

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LA Times Talks to Addiction Experts About Teens and Marijuana

There’s a lot of misconception about marijuana. Perhaps that’s why the LA Times did an article on it early this month to help set the record straight. Two drug counselors and experts in the field of addiction share their professional experience with marijuana by answering some direct questions.   For instance, marijuana is a popularly…

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Teen Marijuana Abuse Is Not Healthy For the Developing Brain

During adolescence there’s an explosion of curiosity and creativity. There’s a fountain of energy that needs to be expressed somewhere. Along with this is a spring of emotions, with which teens usually don’t know how cope. In fact, the pre-frontal cortex of the developing brain hasn’t completed its growth. This part of the brain manages…

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Harvard Study Shows Marijuana Does Not Cause Teen Schizophrenia

On the Internet recently, there have been many articles that connect schizophrenia and the use of marijuana. On Everyday Health, for instance, an article described a study that indicated teens with a genetic predisposition for schizophrenia and who use marijuana could face an increased risk of schizophrenic psychosis.   Furthermore, there is some evidence that…

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Faded: When You’re Smoking Too And What To Do About Teen Marijuana Abuse

The first time Jessica took a hit of marijuana, it seemed innocent enough. It came with a high, feeling good, and easing the stress in life. And there was no pressure to smoke by any of her friends. There was just an offer, and she was curious. She wanted to know what it felt like,…

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Teen Marijuana Use Continues to Rise in 2014

Marijuana is often seen as a harmless drug, despite being considered as a Schedule I drug, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). It’s true that some men and women who have used the drug for many years never experience any serious consequences. Yet, marijuana has been associated with crime, drinking, and addictions to other…

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Teen Marijuana Use: News vs. Science

Often the news and science are in conflict, especially when it comes to issues that are at the heart of political debate. With regard to marijuana use and legalization, the news is increasingly in agreement with legalizing it based on its “health benefits,” while scientists are still trying to confirm those facts. In reality (according…

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The Teen Schizophrenia-Marijuana Connection

It’s very common for teens with mental illness to use drugs and drink. This is especially true for those who experience the more challenging psychological illnesses such as schizophrenia. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) reports that 47% of those with schizophrenia also have an addiction to alcohol or drugs. This is about four…

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Teen Marijuana Use Leads to Death in Colorado

Last month, 19-year-old Levy Thamba traveled with three of his friends to Colorado for an adventure. They drove from their small college in Wyoming during their spring break, and on the way, the boys stopped at a local marijuana shop and purchased a marijuana cookie.   Although experts are not sure how much of it…

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