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Teen Gambling Addiction and How To Tell If You Have A Problem

Gambling can be fun and exciting. If you’re living in anywhere on the West Coast, taking a trip to Las Vegas and having fun with the millions of choices for gambling from playing the slot machines to working the tables. There’s no question there’s a rush of excitement, even when you win a mere $50.…

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Teen Gambling: When An Addiction Steals Your Youth

Jonathan learned how to gamble from his father. It’s as though the illness got passed down to him, slowly, effortlessly. Jonathan knows that an addiction is an illness, but he didn’t know it when he was a child. He didn’t know that addiction could ruin your life, until he got caught up in it himself.…

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Process Addictions: The Cycle of Teen Compulsory Behaviors

Kayla, age 18, loves to shop. It started at an early age when her mother would take her shopping every time she was in a fight with her husband. Then, when Kayla herself began to have difficulty among friends, challenges at school, and emotional upset, her mother would take her to the mall. The answer…

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