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How to Encourage a Healthy Body Image in Your Teen

    Teens are flooded with images on dress, body image, and physical appearance through the internet, TV, and social media almost daily. In fact, most people, regardless of age are flooded with these images. However, the difference is that teens pay attention to these messages perhaps a bit more closely than most because this…

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Different Levels of Teen Eating Disorder Treatment

All psychological disorders require some form of treatment. If there’s a diagnosis then the disorder has developed far enough to necessitate professional attention. In fact, defining a disorder is not random. It is based on the definition of abnormal behavior, which psychologists have defined psychologically, culturally, and statistically.  For instance, behavior is considered abnormal if…

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Teen Eating Disorder Healing (Part Two): Stages of Change

It’s easy to question whether you’re fully recovered from an addiction. If you’ve still got the unhealthy thinking patterns, if there’s still a tendency to limit your food (even though you no longer do so) are you still under the influence of a teen eating disorder?   In the first part to this series, questions…

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Teen Eating Disorder Healing | ParadigmMalibu.com

Teen Eating Disorder Healing (Part One): What Defines Recovery?

With regard to teen eating disorders, there are few measures to indicate whether someone is in recovery. Certainly, no longer using laxatives and limiting food intake are obvious indications, but what about recovery from the thought patterns of a teen eating disorder? Do those patterns of thought actually go away? Does one ever really recover,…

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Glossary of Teen Eating Disorder Symptoms – Part Three

This is the last of a three-part series on eating disorders. The articles presented here include a list of symptoms of eating disturbances. As pointed out in the first article it’s best for a teen not to identify with the illness itself. In a way, that can become an excuse to continue with dysfunctional habits.…

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Teen Eating Disorder Symptoms | ParadigmMalibu.com

Glossary of Teen Eating Disorder Symptoms – Part Two

In the first article to this series, a list of teen eating disorders symptoms was provided. This article will continue with that list with emphasis on the many ways that this illness can consume a teen’s life. It’s easy to generalize eating disorders and say that they are all about either controlling (Anorexia) food intake…

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Glossary of Symptoms: Teen Eating Disorders – Part One

There’s so much about eating disorders that remains unknown for parents, teens, and the public in general. For the most part, teen eating disorders are kept under the radar of the mainstream public and so there is still little that is understood about these disorders.   For instance, if you ask someone about different types…

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It’s Time to Know About Teen Body Dysmorphic Disorder – Part Two- Paradigm Malibu

The Medical Consequences of Teen Eating Disorders

Women and specifically female teens are vulnerable to eating disorders. They are serious diseases that aren’t a fad or a trend or a thing to do in order to lose weight. These are diseases that arise from a dysfunctional psychological condition with medical consequences.   The roots of a teen eating disorder begin with a…

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The Benefits of Group Therapy Treatment for Teen Eating Disorders

Group therapy is a unique form of treatment in which benefits for a teen are sourced from not only the relationship with the therapist, as in individual therapy, but also from the other participants in the group.   Group therapy includes one or more therapist, psychologist, social worker or other mental health professional who are…

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