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Teen Club Drug Abuse | Paradigm Malibu

How to Recognize Club Drug Abuse in Teens

  Many teens will occasionally experiment with what are sometimes called “gateway drugs,” such as alcohol and marijuana. While addiction or abuse of these substances can turn into a problem, most who try them tend to use them only occasionally or socially. In many ways, these “soft” drugs are different from and less harmful than…

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Find a Drug Addiction Treatment Program That Meets the Needs of Adolescents

  If you suspect that your child is using drugs, then it essential to find high-quality drug addiction treatment that meets the needs of teenagers. Teenagers require a different type of substance abuse treatment than adults in order to avoid complications from dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Your child also needs to have one-on-one and group counseling…

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Parents: What To Do to Curb Teen Addiction

  If you’re a parent with a teen who drinks or uses drugs, you may be concerned about the development of an addiction. You might be worried about your teen’s continued use of the drug or alcohol making it difficult for him or her to stop. This article will provide some tips to prevent teen…

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Cocaine Rewires Brain & Overrides Decision-Making | Paradigm Malibu

The Dangers of Teen Cocaine Abuse

Any drug that has an addictive quality to it, such as alcohol, depressants, or methamphetamines is dangerous. However, cocaine is a particularly addictive drug and especially for teens. Cocaine is derived from the leaves of the cocoa plant. It can be taken into the body in a variety of ways, including snorting, injecting, and smoking.…

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