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How to Encourage a Healthy Body Image in Your Teen

    Teens are flooded with images on dress, body image, and physical appearance through the internet, TV, and social media almost daily. In fact, most people, regardless of age are flooded with these images. However, the difference is that teens pay attention to these messages perhaps a bit more closely than most because this…

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Body Image and Teen Self Esteem | Paradigm Malibu

Body Image and Teen Self Esteem

As you can imagine, teens place a lot of emphasis on their appearances. Their dress, makeup, weight, height, hair color, hair style, and even their tattoos and body piercing have plenty to say about who they are. Teens can receive subtle and blatant feedback about whether they are being accepted among their peers, and this…

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Ed Sheeran on the Taboo Topic: Men’s Body Image

Body image issues are generally talked about regarding females, especially teenage girls. Magazine covers, celebrities and the media have massive influence over the feelings and confidence of teen girls. However, while generally taboo, Ed Sheeran brings up men’s body image issues. It is known that many men suffer from the same issues as women, but…

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Social Anxiety | ParadigmMalibu.com

Imagined Ugliness: Teen Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Treatment

For teens, it’s easy to believe that there is something wrong with their body. Perhaps they feel their nose is too big for their face, even when it’s precisely proportionate. Some teens might believe that they are too fat, even though the scale indicates their weight is within a normal range for their height. Others…

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Body Image Issues | ParadigmMalibu.com

Helping Teens with Body Image Issues

Some adolescents might find it hard to feel good about their bodies. They might feel as though there is something wrong with the way they look. And although this isn’t true for all teens, adolescents are continually bombarded with messages from the media and movies about how to look. Teens are frequently sent an underlying…

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Youth and Body Image Issues

Since youth are the “most likely to socially marginalize those who are overweight,” studies show that overweight teens have fewer friends and are more likely to be denied friendship. These consequences can be detrimental, leading to depression, lower self-worth and body image issues. Social marginalization has great impact upon the day to day feelings of…

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