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The Differences Between Teen Stress and Teen Anxiety

The words stress and anxiety are often used interchangeably. If you’re in high school and feeling the demands of school, family, future, and friends, you might find yourself saying, “I’m under a lot of stress.” It’s the socially appropriate way of saying, “I’m freaking out!”   However, there are times when you are feeling anxious,…

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Teen Anxiety Disorders | ParadigmMalibu.com

Teen Anxiety Disorders and the Role of Avoidance

To some degree, everyone experiences anxiety. In fact, it’s practically the norm. It’s practically expected that a working adult be stressed, overworked, worried, or tense. There’s work, children, family, friends, finances, meals, and more to tend to each day. For many, the mind keeps going. It keeps thinking, worrying, analyzing, and planning. Eventually, this mental…

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