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Anxiety Disorders | Paradigm Malibu

Anxiety Disorders Among Teens

Occasionally, anxiety can be good. It can serve as a motivation to get a challenging task done. It can help us study harder for an exam or elicit our talents in greater ways when we are faced with a difficult task. However, anxiety isn’t good for everyone, especially when it becomes excessive and frequent. Although…

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MindShift: An App for Teens Facing Anxiety | Paradigm Malibu

MindShift: An App for Teens Facing Anxiety

Anxiety is normal to experience when you’re facing an exam, about to go out on a date, or even if you’re just hanging out with friends. Yet, sometimes anxiety can get more severe than that. You might experience stress and anxiety for no reason. You might feel worry and panic when you wake up in…

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Anxiety in Your Teen Could Mean Risk Taking Behavior | Paradigm Malibu

Anxiety in Your Teen Could Mean Risk Taking Behavior

Parents, you should know that teens can experience significant anxiety to the point where it can get in the way of functioning in their day to day life. Sure, teens are going to feel certain types of psychological pressure. From friends, they might feel peer pressure, from teachers, a pressure to complete their work, and…

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Finding Your Recovery After Experiencing Teen Depression or Anxiety

You probably don’t have the word recovery in your vocabulary. It’s probably not a word that you say to your friends or even your family. But if you consider the meaning of recovery, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the term, especially if you’ve been in the mental health field.   Recovery that is…

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Teens: Don’t Let Anxiety Get In Your Way

The only way that you can move forward with your life if you’re experiencing anxiety is to find a way to face it. Although it might be easy to ignore it or use drugs as a way to get around it, neither of these solutions are long-term. In other words, neither of these two choices…

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The Anxiety of Adolescence and What To Do About It

Many people today are anxious. It’s not only teens but adults can also experience anxiety. However, teens are in a delicate time of life and so the presence of anxiety can be more of a burden.   Certainly, anxiety can arise for a teen simply because adolescence brings emotional, psychological, and physical change. The incredible…

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Always Self-Conscious: The Fears of Teen Social Anxiety

It can be common for teens to experience embarrassment around their friends. Perhaps you feel always on edge, as though they might reject you, judge you, or criticize you in front of other peers.   This can be a “normal” experience for teens. However, when the experience of teen social anxiety gets in the way…

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The Brain’s Amygdala Can Play a Role in Teen Anxiety

A recent study done at the Stanford University School of Medicine found that the amygdala, a part of the brain associated with emotions including fear, plays a significant role in the development of teen anxiety.   In brain science, the amygdala is known as the “fear center” in the brain. The Stanford study found that…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching Your Child to Cope with Teen Anxiety – Part Two

The first part of this article provided a broad introduction on the necessity for teens and children to learn coping methods. In addition it listed one of the four suggestions for parents to teach their teen how to cope with teen anxiety and/or stress. The following are three additional suggestions for parents.   Don’t step…

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The Effect of Social Media and Teen Anxiety

When a teen or adult has experienced trauma or if he or she has had an experience that left an impression, it’s quite possible that later the mind will be filled with intrusions. Perhaps negative thoughts, worries, self-blame, bodily complaints, or more will interrupt a train of thought or important mental processing. The intrusions that…

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It’s Okay to Help a Friend with Teen Anxiety

Often, we think that anxiety is being nervous from time to time. Or that it’s feeling anxious before getting up in front of the class or anxious when in enclosed spaces. But the psychological illness of anxiety is a bit more than this. And for teens, anxiety can be ruining. If you have a friend…

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