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Glossary of Symptoms: Teen Eating Disorders – Part One

There’s so much about eating disorders that remains unknown for parents, teens, and the public in general. For the most part, teen eating disorders are kept under the radar of the mainstream public and so there is still little that is understood about these disorders.   For instance, if you ask someone about different types…

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It’s Time to Know About Teen Body Dysmorphic Disorder – Part Two- Paradigm Malibu

The Medical Consequences of Teen Eating Disorders

Women and specifically female teens are vulnerable to eating disorders. They are serious diseases that aren’t a fad or a trend or a thing to do in order to lose weight. These are diseases that arise from a dysfunctional psychological condition with medical consequences.   The roots of a teen eating disorder begin with a…

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Youth Treatment Center- Paradigm Malibu

The Benefits of Group Therapy Treatment for Teen Eating Disorders

Group therapy is a unique form of treatment in which benefits for a teen are sourced from not only the relationship with the therapist, as in individual therapy, but also from the other participants in the group.   Group therapy includes one or more therapist, psychologist, social worker or other mental health professional who are…

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