A-Z Teen Health Glossary

The Struggle of Teens Who are Adopted or in Foster Care

  Teens who do not live with their biological parents might have greater mental health concerns than other teens who do. Of course, there are many children and teens who reside with foster or adoptive parents and who have developed a strong bond with their caregivers. However, for those teens who never had the opportunity…

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Treating Adopted Teens: It’s Healthy For Them To Seek Their Biological Parents

It’s easy for the adopted parents of a teen to feel threatened when he or she expresses the need to look for their biological parents.  You’ve been taking care of your child for so many years, you might think to yourself, and what if he or she wants to return home. It’s a common fear,…

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Treating Adopted Teens with Attachment Therapy

Teens who are adopted whether during adolescence or earlier in life sometimes have difficulty forming loving relationships. Although this isn’t always the case, adopted children can have severe emotional and behavioral problems. They are sometimes unable to give and receive love and affection. They may constantly defy parental rules and authority, and they can be…

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The Challenge of Adolescence for the Adopted Teen

Adolescence is a time in which teens are forming their unique sense of identity. They begin to do this by pulling away from their family, looking for role models in their social group, and imitating those they like. Teens are walking the bridge from childhood to adulthood and this path can be, at times, more…

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Adopted Teen Struggles: Identity

A significant part of the teen years involves forming an identity — one that is separate from your parents. As this is already an incredibly confusing, complex, and difficult task to do, adding adoption to the mix creates a whole other level of turbulence. For an adoptee, two sets of parents must be considered as they look…

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