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The Abuse of Laughing Gas Among Teens

Laughing gas, otherwise known as Nitrous Oxide, is sometimes a common way teens like to get high. It’s supposedly a “safe” high, but in fact it comes with many dangers. Medically, this drug is used by dentists to help relieve people’s anxiety and sometimes used by doctors to relieve the pain of childbirth. But it…

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Teens: How to Get Help if Your Parent Struggles with Addiction

  According to a 2012 report published in HealthDay, many teens and children live with a parent who is abusing drugs or alcohol. In fact, researchers say that in many homes, there is a caregiver who has an addiction. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there are approximately 7.5 million…

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Teens Should Know What Makes Substance Use an Addiction

  Most teens and adults are aware that substance use doesn’t necessarily mean addiction. For instance, just because a teen is drinking on a regular basis doesn’t mean that the illness of addiction has set in. Three are specific signs that indicate the illness of addiction is present. This article will highlight those signs so…

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Early Warning Signs of Teen Mental Illness

  It is very common for parents to wonder whether their teen is displaying normal adolescent behavior or the warning signs of teen mental illness. It’s true that some parents do not even contemplate the idea of mental illness in their teen. However, because of the many changes that a teen goes through – emotional,…

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The Good News Is Teen Substance Use Declined in 2014

It’s common to believe that teens are going to use drugs and drink because that’s what they do when they’re adolescents. It’s a time of drug experimentation, wild parties, and doing things you might not otherwise do when you’re older.   However, research indicates that drug use among teens went down in 2014. Each year,…

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Teen Substance Abuse in Wealthy Families

In most cases, teens addicted to alcohol and drugs feel the shame and stigma that accompanies a teen substance abuse disorder. In fact, they might not readily admit that they are shameful of their substance use, but they might keep it a secret. Or they might refuse to participate in teen drug treatment which would…

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14 Ways Parents Can Curb Teen Substance Abuse – Part Two

This two part series provides a list of ways that parents can facilitate the avoidance of drug use in their teens. If you missed part one, that article provided an introduction and included the first six of fourteen ways that parents can help their teens curb substance abuse. The following completes that list:   7.…

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14 Ways Parents Can Curb Teen Substance Abuse – Part One

With recent drug epidemics, including heroin and painkillers, parents and supportive adults are looking for ways to assist teens in curbing their drug use. They seem to be looking for ways to prevent drug abuse in children and adolescents. And at the same time, sadly, some parents are still in the dark when it comes…

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How Teen Borderline Personality Disorder and Teen Bipolar Disorder Differ-Paradigm Malibu

Female Teens Are More At Risk for Substance Abuse Due to Mental Health

No matter the age or gender, drinking and drug use can eventually lead to an addiction. Although this doesn’t happen for everyone, the choice to drink or use drugs inherently comes with risk of developing one.   However, recent research shows that women are the fastest growing segment for substance abuse in the United States.…

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