A-Z Teen Health Glossary
Why Medication Alone Doesn’t Work-Paradigm Malibu

The Anxiety of the Promposal for Teens

Prom is a big deal – there’s no question about it. It’s a celebratory experience for high school students to observe the coming end of a school year, have fun with friends and dress in their finest clothes.   Despite the celebratory nature of the event, there are many anxieties to prom, including asking a…

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The Physical, Sexual and Social Changes of Adolescence | ParadigmMalibu.com

The Differences Between Teen Stress and Teen Anxiety

The words stress and anxiety are often used interchangeably. If you’re in high school and feeling the demands of school, family, future, and friends, you might find yourself saying, “I’m under a lot of stress.” It’s the socially appropriate way of saying, “I’m freaking out!”   However, there are times when you are feeling anxious,…

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