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Teens With Psychotic Illnesses Are More At Risk for Suicide

Having a psychological illness can be a frightening experience. Yet, unlike depression or anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder, the illness of psychosis is somehow in its own category. When an adult or teen is first diagnosed with a disorder of psychosis or a psychotic disorder, it is often a very scary experience.   Psychosis…

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Teen Psychotic Disorder: Hearing Voices No One Else Can Hear

Hearing voices is an experience that even children can have. We tend to imagine homeless adults or people living in psych wards as experiencing delusions or hallucinations. But even children and teens can have this experience of psychotic disorder.   One boy from Santa Rosa, California began to hear voices when he was in the…

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First Episode of Psychotic Disorder Can Happen in Adolescence

It’s rare that teens experience psychosis. However, if they are prone to schizophrenia or another psychotic disorder, late adolescence is when a teen may have a psychotic break. In fact, when teens have a psychotic break, many recover from it and never experience psychosis again. However, for those who do experience it, it can be…

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Minnesota Teen Arrested After Preparing A School Shooting

Teens are vulnerable to mental illness. In fact, many suffer from psychological disorder without even knowing it. Depression and anxiety are so common in America that having symptoms of those disorders are commonplace. Those who feel sad, numb, and deadened can easily walk through their day without anyone asking, “Are you okay?”   Perhaps that’s…

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