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Relaxation Techniques | Paradigm Malibu

10 Relaxation Techniques and Mindfulness Resources for Teens

If your teen is struggling with a mental illness, especially anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, or addiction, providing them with relaxation techniques will be essential in their recovery. And even if a teen is not struggling with any kind of mental illness, relaxation techniques can help them function better in school, maintain positive relationships, resist peer pressure, and more.…

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Mindfulness Research | Paradigm Malibu

Mindfulness Research Indicates Substantial Benefits For Adolescents and Healthcare Providers

The increasing body of research on the use of mindfulness with children and adolescents is extremely compelling. In direct contrast to the growing concerns over video games and technology dependence, recent and cutting edge mindfulness research has demonstrated that mindfulness-based interventions assist in cognitive functioning and resilience to stress as well as laying down neurological…

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Mindfulness Training and PTSD | ParadigmMalibu.com

Mindfulness Training Used to Manage PTSD in Marines

A new study done at the University of California in San Diego and the Naval Health Research Center points to the benefits of using the practice of mindfulness to reduce stress in military personnel. Mental illnesses that the practice of meditation and mindfulness can help with are post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and forms of…

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Teens: Turn Your Past into Your Power | ParadigmMalibu.com

Teens: Turn Your Past into Your Power

Adolescence is a remarkable stage in life. If you were to take a look at the brain, there are mini electrical connections going on between billions of neurons. It’s like an ocean of fire with glowing bursts igniting all over the place. There are spurts of growth, maturity, and exploration happening in the brain, and…

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