A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Make a List of Those Who Support You If You’re Struggling

  Many teens feel like they are alone in their experience. They might feel lonely, lost, confused, afraid, or depressed. And with these feelings, they might consider themselves alone, without support. It’s common for teens to believe that no one understands them and that no one is going to fully get what they’re going through…

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Information and Resources for Teens with Mental Illness

  It’s very common for a teen to have symptoms of a psychological disorder and not realize that they have one. They might be experiencing a low mood, irritability, mood swings, and other symptoms and feel that it’s all just a part of being a teenager. This type of thinking is also true for parents.…

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Using the National Alliance on Mental Illness as a Resource for Teens

  The National Alliance on Mental Illness, otherwise known as NAMI, is a well known grass roots type of organization that is dedicated to assisting teens and adults who have a mental illness. What’s great about the organization is that it is both national and local. In other words, there is a national presence as…

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Untreated Teen Mental Illness Brings Greater Risks

There are a number of adolescents who experience mental health symptoms and who likely have a diagnosis. However, they are not getting the treatment they need. The common forms of teen mental illness, such as Bipolar Disorder and Depression, can lead to suicide or other forms of harm if they go untreated.   In fact,…

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