A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Parents: Know What to Look for In a Teen Who Is Cutting

  The teen brain is still growing. Because of this, the part of the brain that governs reason and logic hasn’t quite developed yet. As a result, teens tend to be emotional, impulsive, creative, and explorative. They are in a prime stage in their life, perfect for completing the one psychological task teens need to…

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Parents: Get Involved in Your Teen’s Life

  Many parents these days are busy professionals and have many occupational responsibilities. The structure of the family unit has changed within the last decade, where both parents have careers versus just one. Because of this, it’s possible for some teens to experience their lives without too much involvement of their parents. And contributing to…

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Teens Should Know What Makes Substance Use an Addiction

  Most teens and adults are aware that substance use doesn’t necessarily mean addiction. For instance, just because a teen is drinking on a regular basis doesn’t mean that the illness of addiction has set in. Three are specific signs that indicate the illness of addiction is present. This article will highlight those signs so…

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Parents: Your Teen’s Safety Needs to Come First

  When a teen has gone through a challenging experience, and that experience is having an effect on his or her well being, school performance, or interpersonal relationships, it’s important to tend to a teen’s safety. It’s important for parents to know that the need for safety is in most cases more important than anything…

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Teen Suicidal Thinking and What To Do About It

Suicidal thoughts, often called suicidal ideation, is the experience of having thoughts of ending your life. These kinds of thoughts can be momentary and short-lived. And for others, suicidal thinking might develop into well-thought out plans. Fortunately, the majority of teens who have suicidal thinking do not follow through on those thoughts. Yet, sadly, for…

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