A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Parents: Here are Signs Your Teen is Smoking Pot

  For some parents, any drug use by their teen is bad news. And for other parents, marijuana is okay, as long as they aren’t touching anything else. Whether you’re concerned about drug use or not, you may be interested in signs that show your teen is smoking pot. Although marijuana comes across as a…

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Teens: Get Out Your Paintbrushes This Thanksgiving

  Well, get out not only your paintbrushes, but your also your guitars, notebooks, pottery, and clay. Get out all your tools to be creative and explorative! You’ve got a few days off so why not take advantage of the time and enjoy yourself!   Teens are naturally creative. Because of the teen brain, which…

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When Mental Illness Gets in the Way of Your Teen’s Life

  There are millions of people around the world who would qualify as having symptoms of mental illness. For instance, people might experience anxiety, signs of depression, even hear voices from time to time. However, it is when those experiences interfere with the life that they want to have that it begins to be problematic.…

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Parents: Know What to Look for In a Teen Who Is Cutting

  The teen brain is still growing. Because of this, the part of the brain that governs reason and logic hasn’t quite developed yet. As a result, teens tend to be emotional, impulsive, creative, and explorative. They are in a prime stage in their life, perfect for completing the one psychological task teens need to…

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