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The Ongoing Fight for Equality and Access to Care for the LGBTQ Community

  In a misguided and unethical step to foster discrimination against the LGBTQ community, the Tennessee General Assembly has presented a bill to allow therapists and counselors to reject providing care for patients that would violate “(therapist) principles” which, as of now, remain undefined.  This bill comes on the heels of the recently passed North…

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Transgender Teen | Paradigm Malibu

Transgender Teen Commits Suicide And Prompts A Call for Change

  Although society has come a long way in their acceptance of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender individuals, it still has a long way to go. And this was the message that Leelah Alcorn wanted to send with her death. She was a transgender teen who committed suicide on December 28, 2014, and her death…

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