A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Teach Your Teen Mindfulness for a Lifelong Coping Tool

    Mindfulness is a practice that can be supportive, regardless of age. It can benefit many levels of one’s being – the body, mind, and heart – even if only practiced from time to time. Although there are specific benefits that a teen will notice immediately, mindfulness can have long-term, positive effects on one’s…

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What To Do When Your Body Image Interferes with Your Happiness | Paradigm Malibu

What To Do When Your Body Image Interferes with Your Happiness

One area of focus that many teens tend to have is their appearance. And it’s natural to wonder about how attractive or appealing you are to others. But during adolescence, appearance can go much deeper than attracting a relationship. For instance, your style of dress can point to who you’re friends are and your hairstyle,…

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Teens: Take a Look At the World Around You for Inspiration

  Teens are in a precarious stage of life. A part of them wants to pull away from the family. They want to find their independence, their uniqueness, and their autonomy. At the same time, the child inside of a teen might want to hang onto their parents. Because of the drastic psychological changes they…

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