A-Z Teen Health Glossary

How to Use Reflective Listening with Your Teen

There can be an odd parent-child relationship that develops when children become teenagers. For most part, you may have had a healthy and happy relationship with your child – up until now. Now that your child is in adolescence, perhaps they don’t talk to you as often. Perhaps they are a bit more edgy, standoffish,…

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Teen Pregnancy Rates are at an All Time Low

    Overall, the number of teen pregnancies in the United States has declined significantly over the last 20 years. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the teen pregnancy rate has been falling by half since 1991. Although the numbers are still somewhat high in certain populations of people, generally…

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Reducing Stigma of Mental Illness Among Teens

Mental illness and physical illness differ in one clear way. If someone has a physical illness, such as the flu, you often seen their symptoms. For instance, you might see them sweat, hold their stomach, have a pale face, and/or even feel hot to the touch. However, with mental illness, it’s rare that you would…

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Why You Need To Know About The Prevalence of Mental Illness Among Teens

One of the most common experiences among those who experience mental illness is that they believe they’re the only ones experiencing the stigma, symptoms, and challenges. Because the experience of depression or anxiety or bipolar is one that happens on the inside, it’s easy to draw the conclusion that no one else is experiencing the…

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Finding the Right Diagnosis for Your Teen

Believe it or not, sometimes psychologists and therapists can be wrong. You might take your teen to a mental health professional and discover that the diagnosis that he or she provided, just isn’t right. Of course, you know your child best, and the therapist is relying upon his or her knowledge of certain diagnoses, but…

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Teens: Famous People Have Mental Illnesses Too!

There is a stigma that comes with mental illness, and if you’re a teen, likely the last thing you want your friends to know is that you’re depressed or anxious or manic at times.  But that’s not a reason to avoid or ignore any symptoms you might have.   In fact, if you think you…

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Physical Pain Can Accompany Mental Illness Among Teens

If your teen complains of headaches, stomachaches, muscle pain, or back pain, there might be a reason behind it. Many psychological illness, especially if they go untreated, can have a physical component. Furthermore, that pain can become chronic if both the physical and psychological symptoms are not tended to.   A study published in February…

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Three Secrets All Parents of Teens Should Know

Sometimes, it’s challenging as parents to find the right answers, especially if this is the first time raising a teenage child. Yet, at times, we might think we already know because we have been through adolescence ourselves. We know what they’re going through. We know what they’re going to need from us.   Yet, having…

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Less Than Half of Teens With Mental Illness Get Treatment

It’s clear that there remains a social stigma regarding psychological disorders and teen mental illness. The stigma and shame associated with “having something wrong with you” has become one of the largest barriers for teens in accessing the treatment they need. In fact, frequently adolescents are not aware that they even need treatment and believe…

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