A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Signs of Teen Alcohol Abuse

  On the weekends, there is often plenty of underage drinking that goes on around the country. And to make matters worse, the FDA recently approved Palcohol – a powered version of alcohol that can make the ingestion of alcohol easier to hide. The point is that teens are encouraged to drink at parties, clubs,…

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For Teens Whose Parents Drink Too Much

  Parents play an important role for children and teens. They are there to protect, guide, and lead their children to a safe and successful future. However, some parents didn’t have adults who did that for them when they were growing up and the result might be addiction, domestic violence, or other unhealthy family patterns.…

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Should You Let Your Teen Taste Alcohol?

  Let’s say you and your spouse are sitting in the kitchen late one Friday night. Your teen wakes up and asks what you’re doing. Since it’s not a school night, you let your child sit with his parents for an uncommon bonding experience. He asks about what you’re drinking and you decide to let…

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