A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Parents: Try to Understand Teens Who Self Harm Not Punish Them

  If you’re a parent and you find out that your teen is scratching, scraping, poking, burning, or cutting themselves, you’re probably terrified. Out of fear, you might demand your teen to stop or you might remove their privileges in order to make them put an end to it. However, because teens who self harm…

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Female Teens Feel Misunderstood By Parents

  A nonprofit located in England that advocates for the health and wellbeing of teens recently conducted a survey on the attitudes of female teens and young women. Their results point to the fact that issues facing female teens are changing. For that reason, parents may not quite understand what their female teens are experiencing.…

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Treatment for Adolescent Self-Harm: One Couple’s Story-Paradigm Malibu

Treatment for Adolescent Self-Harm: One Couple’s Story

If you’re seeing patterns of self-harm in your child, it’s important to reflect on whether there are any underlying issues. For example, one couple recently discovered that their 13-year-old daughter was cutting her wrists. They were at first shocked that she would participate in such behavior. The couple came from a middle-upper class socioeconomic status…

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